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Thoughts of the day

From when I was in the Chicago O’Hare airport security line when everyone was taking off their shoes: Do foot fetishists have to work at keeping their cool going through airport security? From when I was brushing my teeth last night: If we develop intelligent machines, are we going to ban and destroy all copies […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #19

Movies going back to early April! The Pursuit of Happyness – Everyone like nothing to something stories. This one avoids sap and forceful attempts at manipulating the viewer and ends up being very enjoyable. The Holiday – It’s like two movies in one and neither could have stood on its own. Kate Winslet’s story is […]


Kind of caught up

I’ve kind of missed out on the last month of reading about people’s lives, even on icb where I’m just paging through text between meetings. I think I’m caught up now, mostly. Now there are just evites to go through. I don’t expect this to get better any time soon since my day job project […]


Atlanta and the quest for frozen custard

Similar to the trip to Chicago, work sent me to Atlanta at the beginning of the month for two meetings on two different days. That left me time to wander around before the afternoon meetings happened. I like the MARTA train system they have, it’s quick and convenient for getting down town. Downtown has some […]



Work sent me to Chicago two weeks ago. My co-workers and I flew in at night (late because United likes delays). The escalator leading out of concourse C had a video screen on each side of it. The boot device for the PC driving those screens had failed and you could see “Operating System Not […]

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