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Kind of caught up

I’ve kind of missed out on the last month of reading about people’s lives, even on icb where I’m just paging through text between meetings. I think I’m caught up now, mostly. Now there are just evites to go through. I don’t expect this to get better any time soon since my day job project is about to enter the development phase on very aggressively scheduled project and the night job project is finally getting work from me.

On the home front, we bought a fountain for the front yard but it isn’t in place yet. I’ve added another irrigation zone to better handle parts of the front yard, and I planted 3 heirloom tomatoes, a serpent cucumber, and an Israeli melon, all provided by a co-worker. Painting of the tv toom is about to happen, followed by carpet, followed by the couch which is now delayed 2-3 weeks to mid to late July.

Oh yeah, last week Grover and Sage got in some disagreement during a 10-15 minute window from the time I left to the time Nicole got home. Sage ended up the worst with a bruise above her eye, a cut below her eye, and a flap of skin torn under her jaw. Grover had a cut on his leg. Both required staples for their cuts. I was hoping to go to the Maker’s Faire on Saturday but figured we should stay around to watch Grover and his bandage. Grover hadn’t shown any tendency to mess with his bandaged and taped leg whether we were present or not, except while we were gone today. He unwrapped the whole thing and then pulled out his staples but didn’t otehrwise mess with the wound. He was already scheduled to return to the vet tomorrow so they could check his bandage. We’ve re-bandaged it for now.

Oh yeah, we went to the Artichoke Festival today, saw some cool vegetable sculpture, bought a case of artichokes cheap, and finished off the day with frozen custard.

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