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Daily battle

“Everyday is a battlefield, but if you fight with anger, you’re the problem. If you fight with joy, you’re disillusioned.” – Carlos Santana in Herbie Hancock: Possibilities


Can I make yogurt with common household equipment?

I recently saw that a friend got a second yogurt maker. I hadn’t heard of such a device and I envisioned something like a bread maker where you put in all the ingredients and some time later you have yogurt. After some research I found that yogurt making is a simple process. Heat milk to […]


Tipping the swing states

I was just noticing that several of the close states, according to, have very short legal residency requirements for being elligible to vote. Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington all require 30 days to be allowed to vote. Arizona can be thrown in too since it’s fairly close and only requires 29 days. I’m […]


Stopping graffiti

For awhile now as I ride to and from work I get to look at the increase in graffiti around here. It’s ugly and it’s pretty much impossible to stop because catching someone in the act is very very unlikely. So I started brainstorming ideas on how to stop graffiti. More graffiti! I know that […]


Why I’m not in marketing…

Nicole was telling me about a product called Scargo which is a combination of oils to help scar tissue. My first thought was that the logo should be a snail, followed by the thought that it should come in a snail dispenser that you rub over your skin leaving a trail of the stuff for […]


Why I don’t design cruise ships…

See that windowed deck/bar that goes across the front and hangs over the sides some? I’d put a moving red light in there to make it an ocean cylon or an ocean Knight Rider.


Thoughts of the day

From when I was in the Chicago O’Hare airport security line when everyone was taking off their shoes: Do foot fetishists have to work at keeping their cool going through airport security? From when I was brushing my teeth last night: If we develop intelligent machines, are we going to ban and destroy all copies […]


The reasons for scratching?

I mean besides to take care of an itch. It seems likely that the cause of an itch is often some external irritant so scratching might elliminate that irritant or bring your attention to it. What I noticed the other day though as I was having an allergic reaction is that scratching increases blood flow […]


An interesting idea… from Newt Gengrich?

In January 2006 Discover magazine changed ownership to be owned by Bob Guccione Jr. The change in content was immediate. Now a large percentage of the content is human interest stories about how a scientist felt about their research instead of abou ttheir research, tongue-in-cheek articles like the fight between Fahrenheit and Celcius, and a […]


If I had an ice cream truck…

I’d have it play the music from Frogger.

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