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more electrical strangeness

I didn’t think about the connection before, but Monday morning when I came in to work the power strip in my cube was dead and one of the bricks plugged into it didn’t survive either. I’m thinking whatever was the fix took out my power strip in the process. Unrelated to that but still odd […]


electrically balanced

The bathrooms where I work are shared among a several offices. The 30-foot journey to relief brings with it a large charge differential so that when you touch the bathroom door handle you get a large shock. Going out the rear entrance has similar issues. Strangely, the reverse trips don’t have the same issue. Over […]


First day back

After one day back at work I can safely say I’m glad to be there! It’s rare that I feel this comfortable in a job after a day.


Last day at work

This morning I planned to bake some things for work as a parting gift to my co-workers. I decided on this “Death by Chocolate” recipe (it’s not really deadly, but it is very good) and what some people call Sugar-Crack cookies (I should write that recipe up). I surveyed the ingredients, went to the store […]


New job time

I’m leaving VeriSign (last day is next Friday, Feb 1), and while I’m sad I’ll be leaving my co-workers, I am excited to be moving on to a new job at Full Power (starting Monday, Feb 18). That gives me two weeks off before I start. It’s still local and in fact my commute will […]


Kind of caught up

I’ve kind of missed out on the last month of reading about people’s lives, even on icb where I’m just paging through text between meetings. I think I’m caught up now, mostly. Now there are just evites to go through. I don’t expect this to get better any time soon since my day job project […]


Atlanta and the quest for frozen custard

Similar to the trip to Chicago, work sent me to Atlanta at the beginning of the month for two meetings on two different days. That left me time to wander around before the afternoon meetings happened. I like the MARTA train system they have, it’s quick and convenient for getting down town. Downtown has some […]



Work sent me to Chicago two weeks ago. My co-workers and I flew in at night (late because United likes delays). The escalator leading out of concourse C had a video screen on each side of it. The boot device for the PC driving those screens had failed and you could see “Operating System Not […]


My first Wii injury

My boss, who is about to leave, used to develop video games and he wanted to see the Wii, so I brought it in this morning so he could try it out. He was having fun with tennis and then he wanted me to demonstrate bowling. I was careful to avoid the conference room table, […]


Just not feeling it

Five people, including my boss, are moving on to other things this week. One of the others is the guy who wrote the server component for a small “demo” program that we wrote in December. It was a program that everyone who saw it wanted it, it will never find its way to a consumer. […]

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