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Just not feeling it

Five people, including my boss, are moving on to other things this week. One of the others is the guy who wrote the server component for a small “demo” program that we wrote in December. It was a program that everyone who saw it wanted it, it will never find its way to a consumer. If it had another month to clean it up and treat it like a real product, it could easily have paid for its development. If it could have been turned into a real product that server engineer would have stayed.

It feels like we’re almost at the borderline fo critical mass for keeping everything running.

I was talking to a contractor who is disappointed because instead of working on doing something new for this new project she’s just reshuffling the old stuff into new piles to look new. I know what it’s like to have the excitement when working on something new. I had it briefly this past December for the demo. I’ve been lucky in my career in that I’ve been able to work on three satisfying from scratch projects. Being able to work on a project like that shows you how monotonous the rest of it is. So yeah, this new project is going to start and it’s a from scratch client, except for all the baggage of how the server will feed the client which makes the new client a lot like the old client.

I’m ready for something else.

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