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Welcome to my month

Now that it’s basically over, welcome to my month! Only a few people knew it was my month and I should have been telling people about it, but I got busy and I didn’t really know how to word it. This is my month because it is APS Awareness Month. APS is Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome […]


Storm prep 2009

Yesterday was sent getting ready for the first big rain of the season. Boards that were still scattered about from the fence building were put away. Loose items secured for the wind. I took down the chimney from the wood-burning stove we no longer have. It’s always leaked so it’s good to have it down. […]


Fixing Ataris

This summer Henry was over and wanted to play the Atari 2600. I went to go turn it on and found there was no way for the video signal to get where it needed to go. I removed the VCR from the stack of equipment awhile ago since we don’t have any more tapes and […]


Props to Riverside Lighting

In July the transformer in the drop-light above the kitchen sink died after 4 years. I was told tat was about the life span for those for the 60 watt transformer for 12-volt lighting and Riverside sold me a 75 watt replacement. They said this one should last longer since I was just using a […]


No more clot!

Yesterday I had my second second opinion. To prepare I didn’t wear the compression stocking so he would see what my leg is like normally. Surprising to me, even though I could feel the difference in my leg not wearing the stocking, my leg didn’t look too abnormal compared to the good leg. Anyway, we […]


State of the Doug

State of the Doug


Tuesday Media Roundup #37

I’ve fallen behind and I have more movie watching time right now… This Film is Not Yet Rated – A documentary about the MPAA rating system. I knew a good bit about it from following movies over the years but still there were a lot of new information and a lot of it was surprising. […]


The vote

It was more crowded at our local polling place than I have ever seen it. There were more voting booths, more workers, and more people to fill them up.  There was some chaos as I don’t think all of the poll workers were trained very well, but for the most part it went smoothly. Now […]


Upgrading a stuck iPod

My iPod Touch was stuck at version 2.0. Telling it to check for updates would tell me that 2.0 was the latest version and that I was there. Trying to “Restore” it to the initial settings and force the upgrade that way resulted in a message “There was a problem downloading the iPod software for […]


American Olympics

I’ve learned or re-learned what events I like and dislike. For the most part I don’t really care about team sports. They aer great at their sport but that’s the kind of thing I get to see all the time. I like watching one-on-one or events with individual achievements. I did like seeing the American […]

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