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No more clot!

Yesterday I had my second second opinion. To prepare I didn’t wear the compression stocking so he would see what my leg is like normally. Surprising to me, even though I could feel the difference in my leg not wearing the stocking, my leg didn’t look too abnormal compared to the good leg. Anyway, we went through the history and the symptoms and the rest of the story. He pretty much confirmed everything the previous vascular specialist said, which is good. He had a look around with his surface vein ultrasound laptop that the other doctor used. He said it looked okay and there was still some blockage but he couldn’t tell whether it was fresh or old. He suggested I get a full ultrasound to make sure nothing was fresh which would require stepping up to a hematologist.

The ultrasound people at Dominican managed to fit me in with maybe a 10 minute wait and the ultrasound tech said none of it looked like fresh thrombosis, but of course I would have to wait for the official word from the radiologist. This afternoon the doctor called with the official results. There is still a slight blockage of scar tissue. There is no clot. I can stop taking the blood thinners! I do have to keep wearing the compression stocking for at least a few years, but I’m okay with that.

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