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Tuesday Media Roundup #28

The Spiderwick Chronicles – I didn’t read the book so I have nothing to compare it against. The characters were entertaining, but on the whole I liked them before they encountered the computer generated characters. I liked that the same actor played both twins, that doesn’t happen often. The Other Boleyn Girl – This movie […]


Ten Years Thinner

Nicole and I decided to try the Ten Years Thinner program by Christine Lydon, M.D. to get us back on track eating and exercising better. Both the diet and exercise are backed up by nutritional and exercise research that pulls it all together into an follow to get manner. The diet is basically a whole […]


grrrr.. gopher season

With the ends of the rain and the sprouting of plants has also come the return of the gopher. It doesn’t really eat any of the plants we have in the yard, it just makes a mess as it takes dirt from one place and pushes it to the surface elsewhere. Nice path.. with large […]


Roller Derby

Last night we went to see the Santa Cruz Roller Girls in their pre-season opener against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls at the Santa Cruz Civic. The Civic was sold out and the crowd was amped up! By the end of the night my ears were ringing some but that’s all gone today. It was […]


Messed up

The haircut we gave to Grover: We have our dogs shaved fairly regularly because they get too hot in the summer otherwise, they bring in WAY too much dirt, and it cuts way down on the dog hair. Why not get some clippers and try it ourselves? How hard can it be? I think the […]


The Presidents edited by Michael Beschloss

I just finished reading this collection of small presidential biographies and seeing the changes over time in this was is very interesting. The styles of campaigning changing from you announcing your candidacy and the party campaigning for the candidate compared to today where the candidate has a lot of work cut out for them. The […]


My favorite use for an iPod Touch (so far)

So far with the iPod Touch I’ve checked the weather, stocks, browsed the web, played music, watched video (found a nice recipe to use Nero for that). However the most entertainment I’ve had with it so far is to watch the names of WiFi hotspots that come into and go out of range while someone […]


Stopping graffiti

For awhile now as I ride to and from work I get to look at the increase in graffiti around here. It’s ugly and it’s pretty much impossible to stop because catching someone in the act is very very unlikely. So I started brainstorming ideas on how to stop graffiti. More graffiti! I know that […]

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