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Yay for nice people!

We received a refund check from our insurance company. I had it with me Sunday when we went downtown with the intent to deposit it, but instead it was forgotten. When I got home I realized I no longer had it and it must have fallen from a pocket. Monday I called the insurance company […]


Customer service

I’m cleaning off my desk and I found a card from cdbaby from when I ordered a CD some time ago. It’s not part of their standard practice, cards don’t come with every order, but this card makes sure I will never forget them as an option when I’m looking for music. I don’t remember […]


Good company Christmas party!

This past Saturday was Fullpower’s Christmas party and it is my favorite of the ones I have been to since I started working at Borland. Borland’s had good food, so-so music, and lots of people I know. Oracle’s, Agile’s, and Verisign’s I skipped because we didn’t work at the main campus so I didn’t know […]


Dog assisted eclipse

I wanted to see the eclipse last night but I didn’t want to set an alarm, which would wake up Nicole. So I told the dogs to wake me up between 3 and 4. Grover woke me up at 3:36AM! It was hard to find the moon at first since it was fairly dim out […]



Thanks to Cathi I learned that there is LJ IM. And based on this page I could set it up in Trillian using Jabber.


First time in Las Vegas

Julie & Fish were going to be spending two weeks there and rented a house. We were invited to join them for a weekend so after a lot of figuring out, we made the journey. Thanks to for watching the dogs and cat for the weekend, and thanks to for letting the dogs out Friday […]


Mortal Chocolate results

Thank you to everyone who brought chocolate goodnesses and to everyone else who helped eat them. I only have a few pictures of the desserts because I got too busy. brought the Dr. Delicious cake and it was by far the best looking chocolate there. Suitable for service in a restaurant easily. It was delicious […]


Icelandic Coke

mo brought me back some Coca-Cola from Iceland it comes in a fairly tall 0.5L can (16.8 fl.oz. for those of you using english units). It has the same 5 ingredients as Coke here, but the feel of it is smoother with almost a soft fuzzy feel. You could get a similar feel by chewing […]


Beer pen is dead

Back when I worked at Agile, a co-worker went to Germany for vacation and brought a pen for everyone in the office. They were cheap pens that said Beer on them and have some logo. At first it just sat on my desk but one day I needed a pen and it was closest so […]


So much was done

stuff stuff stuff. Well we got everything together and the bbq went off almost exactly as planned. Thanks to those who were there! The weather was mild with a nice breeze and the food was good! If it ever happens again we hire people to run the show since the only down side is we […]

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