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Mortal Chocolate results

Thank you to everyone who brought chocolate goodnesses and to everyone else who helped eat them.

I only have a few pictures of the desserts because I got too busy.

brought the Dr. Delicious cake and it was by far the best looking chocolate there. Suitable for service in a restaurant easily. It was delicious but it wasn’t very deadly

Joel and brought chocolate mousse made with 72% cocoa. Rich and addictive, but also not too deadly. Unfortunately, Nicole threw the rest away when she had all she wanted instead of saving it for me.

brought mummified life-after-death truffles, mummified in white chocolate. He reported that it was a big hassle to do the mummification and looking at it, I would agree. The results were really good though and several people chose these as deadliest.

made Igor bars from The Dork Tower. They weren’t deadly at all but they were good and creative and much loved by some.

Dan made cereal bars which were like Cocoa Pebbles crispy treats with a layer of fudge on top. Dan himself considered these the 4th deadliest.

Shelley made the Hershey Syrup cake with glossy fosting and this got a number of votes for being the deadliest and was declared the ideal chocolate cake by some.

I made three recipes. I was just going to make two but since I didn’t know who was coming or bringing anything I feared lack of variety. Unfortunately the ones I made didn’t make it to the tasting table until 30-60 minutes after everyone was already tasting so people were already at chocolate saturation and they were only tried by one or two.

I made a brownie brandy trifle with the help of Julie. I couldn’t find instant mousse so Julie made chocolate fudge pudding for it. It was well liked but it wasn’t deadly. Looking at the other trifle recipes after this one, I don’t believe any will every be deadly.

I made a simple chocolate pie. It was very good even though I didn’t quite mix it up correctly. For Nicole it surpassed the Hershey cake as her favorite which means it didn’t really go overboard. It went really fast at work.

Finally I made a recipe that claimed to be deadlier than death by chocolate and tasting the results I personally have to put this one first one the list of deadliest so far even though I overcooked the base a little so it didn’t stick together or the top. The look of shock people get when they pop it into their mouth often followed by an exclamation show its potency. Oh yeah, I messed up the top too since I was ina hurry and used unsweetened chocolate instead of semi-sweet. But I realized my mistake and added some sugar to the right level before it was too late.

Because of the staggered introduction I have to list three recipes that will come back for the final rounds…
Hershey Syrup cake with glossy fosting
mummified life-after-death truffles
deadlier than death by chocolate

Stay tuned for Mortal Chocolate II in a few months.

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