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Bathroom ventillation… finally!

Today I decided I was up to tackling the bathroom fan in Dar’s bathroom again. The old fan didn’t really move much air and it turned out it just blew the air it did move into the attic. I was going to run the vent line through the roof, but then when the contractor did the one in the master bathroom he recommended against that since it’s no fun going through shake roofing.

I saw that he went through the side, but when I tried to copy that I found that he was able to do that because he had the ceiling open. I didn’t want to punch a hole in the ceiling. So today I cut out the chimney from the old floor heater that no longer exists and made everything fit to the existing vent hole in the roof. I used spray foam to fill and gaps (gas venting didn’t seal the gaps) and used spray foam to seal the lower part fo the old chimney. Yay!

2 Responses to “Bathroom ventillation… finally!”

  1. 1
    dar Says:

    It was very strange to flip on the fan and have this whirl. Until I got out of the shower, I thought it was the hum or the central heating. When I got out of the shower, I looked up and said, hey! there’s a fan. Then I realized that I had flipped it on…. it shows how autopilot I’m on when I’m there!

  2. 2
    Doug Says:

    Actually it’s easier than that. You just leave it on and it senses the humidity and turns on when it needs to and turns off when the humidity drops back down.

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