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Near light

The kitchen light transformer I got in exchange had the same problems as the first one, plenty of power on the AC side, but nothing on the DC side. So the next day I took the new transformer back to Riverside Lighting to ask them to test it since I didn’t think I would pick […]


Props to Riverside Lighting

In July the transformer in the drop-light above the kitchen sink died after 4 years. I was told tat was about the life span for those for the 60 watt transformer for 12-volt lighting and Riverside sold me a 75 watt replacement. They said this one should last longer since I was just using a […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #41

I watched the beginning of the 1956 version of War & Peace but gave up on it because it was far too silly. Saw part 1 of Black in America 2 on CNN. Now I wish I had seen the first one. The Hangover – Pretty funny and well done trace-your-steps movie. All of the […]


Can I make yogurt with common household equipment?

I recently saw that a friend got a second yogurt maker. I hadn’t heard of such a device and I envisioned something like a bread maker where you put in all the ingredients and some time later you have yogurt. After some research I found that yogurt making is a simple process. Heat milk to […]


Tainted coke

I just learned that 3 people in the U.S. and Canada have died from cocaine laced with Levasole (levamisole hydrochloride). It’s a livestock deworming drug that is estimated to contaminate one third of the cocaine supply. Stay safe people! Only use organic, fair-trade cocaine.

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