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Santa Cruz Turkey Trot 2009

I was undecided on whether I wanted to run in the turkey trot. The training program was for a 5k but the Sunday runs the last couple of weeks were an hour or longer. My pedometer was telling me I was doing close to a 10k, so when I woke up this morning feeling good […]


Yay for nice people!

We received a refund check from our insurance company. I had it with me Sunday when we went downtown with the intent to deposit it, but instead it was forgotten. When I got home I realized I no longer had it and it must have fallen from a pocket. Monday I called the insurance company […]


Oddly quiet

Today, in addition to being warm, is oddly quiet downtown. There is very little traffic, there are few people walking around, and I didn’t even hear any street musicians as I walked around running errands. Was Halloween night that taxing on everyone?


Santa Cruz on inauguration morning

I was goign to go to work and watch the inauguration from there but I was getting a late start so Nicole decided we should watch from home. About half way through Obama’s speech Nicole pointed out that there was no traffic noise and indeed she was correct. When the speech ended Nicole took me […]


A weekend of entertainment

Saturday we went to the Computer History Museum to see the opening of Babbage’s Difference Engine exhibit. It’s the second one that’s been built and it’s impressive in person. After wandering through the rest of the museum we arrived at the difference engine in time to see them setting it up for calculation of an […]


Santa Cruz Roller Girls vs Redding Angry Beavers

This past Saturday was the second match for the Santa Cruz Roller Girls and it was clear that they practiced a lot on their weak spots after the first match. For the first half Candie Hooligan and Heather Headlocklear were the jammers most of the time which makes sense since they ended up being the […]


Roller Derby

Last night we went to see the Santa Cruz Roller Girls in their pre-season opener against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls at the Santa Cruz Civic. The Civic was sold out and the crowd was amped up! By the end of the night my ears were ringing some but that’s all gone today. It was […]


Woodstock’s Pizza

When I was walking by the almost completed Woodstock’s Pizza I saw they had a sign with their URL on it. I visited and signed up and in return they sent me an evite to try them out last night (they open today) so Nicole and I went. When we walked in they handed us […]


One day winter transition

It took only one day to start feeling like autumn/winter. One day after the time change and the fog came and it was overcast all day and it got dark early to go with it. Finally!


Long time

The road the crosses the yacht harbor from 7th Avenue and continuing past where it turns into San Lorenzo as it goes by the Boardwalk is being repaved, which is fantastic news. On either side they have the electronic displays explaining that between the dates shown there will be delays. On the 7th Avenue side […]

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