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Santa Cruz Roller Girls vs Redding Angry Beavers

This past Saturday was the second match for the Santa Cruz Roller Girls and it was clear that they practiced a lot on their weak spots after the first match. For the first half Candie Hooligan and Heather Headlocklear were the jammers most of the time which makes sense since they ended up being the strongest jammers in their first bout. The biggest improvement was in the pack though. From start to finish the roller girls controlled the speed and who could get through. The Beavers were kept to a crawl most of the time and prevented from getting into a scoring position. The second half Santa Cruz switched to mostly playing the alternates since they had an 80-point lead and it was nice to see other members of the team out there and still dominating.

I was glad to see the track was bigger so the skaters got to get up more speed. The half-time show was kids from a local dance studio and of those I think the pop-lockers were the best.

The only negative from the night I think was the officiating. There were a number of penalties that weren’t called against Roller Girls and at one point the Angry Beaver’s jammer called off the jam but referees weren’t paying attention. As a result one or two Beavers ended up in the penalty box for play that was continuing that shouldn’t have and the Roller Girls, I think, got some points out of it that they shouldn’t have.

I look forward tot he next match on May 10.

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