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Tuesday Media Roundup #37

I’ve fallen behind and I have more movie watching time right now… This Film is Not Yet Rated – A documentary about the MPAA rating system. I knew a good bit about it from following movies over the years but still there were a lot of new information and a lot of it was surprising. […]


Cancel that calf strain and make it a deep vein thrombosis

My calf hasn’t hurt for a little over a week and the swelling has been steading going down, so when I woke up on the 25th to more swelling than ever I thought it would be wise to see a doctor. After all the morning Christmas stuff I mentioned that I would like to go […]


Update of the idle leg

Julie lent me her foam wedge from when she shattered her ankle which has been the perfect tool for keeping my leg elevated. I’ve spent most of my days since then on the couch with my leg elevated, reading and watching movies and checking to make sure I haven’t thrown the clot. In the mean […]


No Boundaries

In September Nicole signed us up for No Boundaries, a running training program through Fleet Feet stores and New Balance. The goal at the end of the training was the 5K Turkey Trot. They set up a whole workout routine and twice a week there were runs with a coach. Previously when I’ve done running […]


Good company Christmas party!

This past Saturday was Fullpower’s Christmas party and it is my favorite of the ones I have been to since I started working at Borland. Borland’s had good food, so-so music, and lots of people I know. Oracle’s, Agile’s, and Verisign’s I skipped because we didn’t work at the main campus so I didn’t know […]

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