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Good company Christmas party!

This past Saturday was Fullpower’s Christmas party and it is my favorite of the ones I have been to since I started working at Borland. Borland’s had good food, so-so music, and lots of people I know. Oracle’s, Agile’s, and Verisign’s I skipped because we didn’t work at the main campus so I didn’t know anyone. Spyglass had the best food but it didn’t allow you to much with any but those seated around you. Tropian I can’t recall having one.

So Fullpower’s had good food, good music, it was easy to socialize with everyone, there was a pile of games to play with, holiday trivia, co-worker trivia, guessed for number of Hershey’s Kisses in a jar (894), of how many marshmallow’s are in 3 jars (563), and for how many bows in the jar (82 I think). The Kisses were won by my cube neighbor and he doesn’t like chocolate so they are in my cube. I separated out the mint ones this morning so they don’t contaminate the rest. I won the marshmallows but I don’t like marshmallows so they’re on my desk too. Oh yeah, there was a series of boxes to guess the contents of too. For the kids there was a magic show and face painting and toys, and later Santa Claus came in with Mrs. Claus to give gifts to the kids. The whole thing was just right.

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