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12 days a father

On August 11 Olive was born. She was due today, the 23rd, but for a number of reasons she had to come early. Despite being over 38 weeks gestational age she was small at 5 pounds 11 ounces, putting her in the 5th percentile for weight. However she is in the 75th percentile in length. […]


Watching critter

Some of you know that Nicole is pregnant. The rest of you now know that Nicole is pregnant. I finally finished setting up a page for various critter (we’re calling it critter for now) related items. So if you like gray moving dots (not like Pong) this is the page for you! Critter’s page ?


An upgrade and a cake attempt

Having successfully upgraded the CPU on my computer it was time to move on to phase two of the upgrade. So I put in the Kingston SSD Boot Drive and popped in the Windows 7 upgrade install. Since I was upgrading from XP I knew I would have to do a complete install and I […]


Near light

The kitchen light transformer I got in exchange had the same problems as the first one, plenty of power on the AC side, but nothing on the DC side. So the next day I took the new transformer back to Riverside Lighting to ask them to test it since I didn’t think I would pick […]


Things I can do again

Now that I’m not worried about internal bleeding I’ve done two things this week I’ve avoided since I started being on blood thinners. I rode my scooter, and I rode the Giant Dipper. I was worried the scooter would be in bad shape after no riding for almost seven months, but the batteries don’t even […]


Customer service

I’m cleaning off my desk and I found a card from cdbaby from when I ordered a CD some time ago. It’s not part of their standard practice, cards don’t come with every order, but this card makes sure I will never forget them as an option when I’m looking for music. I don’t remember […]


I found my ties!

A month and a half ago I had an occasion that ideally I would wear a tie to. No problem, get all dressed up and go for a tie. I couldn’t find one. Not in suit jackets. Not in drawers. Not in closets. All my ties had vanished and there was no time left to […]


Happy 2009!

My 2008 didn’t end very well health wise which didn’t do wonders for my spirits. I enjoyed my visits with everyone and wished I could visit more but stuck I am on a couch most of the time now. A few days ago I was feeling pretty down and it wasn’t that physically I wasn’t […]


Fixed one thing broke another

A few weeks ago the microwave door wouldn’t latch shut anymore. Since the hooks in the door were intact and seemed to be moving okay I figured it was the latching mechanism. So I took it apart and took out the latching mechanism but nothing seemed to be wrong. Still, I called around to appliance […]


A weekend of entertainment

Saturday we went to the Computer History Museum to see the opening of Babbage’s Difference Engine exhibit. It’s the second one that’s been built and it’s impressive in person. After wandering through the rest of the museum we arrived at the difference engine in time to see them setting it up for calculation of an […]

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