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Happy 2009!

My 2008 didn’t end very well health wise which didn’t do wonders for my spirits. I enjoyed my visits with everyone and wished I could visit more but stuck I am on a couch most of the time now. A few days ago I was feeling pretty down and it wasn’t that physically I wasn’t feeling that well, but mentally. After wallowing in that feeling for awhile I finally recognized it as I was falling asleep as a feeling I had previously encountered.

When I had my hernia surgery about 10 years ago I was similarly frustrated at being immobilized and the recovery time, but really the downer to my mental state was the feeling of mortality, or maybe it’s the feeling of a blow to the normal state of “everything is fine” which plays into the natural state of immortality. Normally you don’t think about that, it’s just the normal state. There is an implicit expectation that things will continue as they have and when they don’t the continuum has been spoiled and the awareness of mortality sets in. Well as of this morning I feel really good! Like this isn’t going to dominate my life from here on out. Like it’s going to heal quickly and I’m going to be back being active shortly and begin making myself better than I was.

I hope everyone has a happy new year!

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