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Today I used a semi-colon

During the past few months, when writing, I’ve had an urge to use a semi-colon. I resist and tell myself that it really doesn’t know what it wants and restructure things so that no semi-colon is possible. I don’t know where the urge comes from. I’ve read the rules on when they should be used […]


Slow on the uptake

At least with regards to keeping current on technology. Before my computer died forcing me to upgrade now, I was planning on an upgrade next year which would have been a 7-year life-span. A few months ago I replaced my video card from 1998, which still worked well, so I could have two monitors. My […]


I have a working computer again!

I was out for a week and a half and I feel like a feel red-neck with the old motherboard and power supply sitting out in the front yard, but I’m back! The hard drive getting corrupted wasn’t the problem, just a symptom of a failing motherboard. I pulled off the power connector from the […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #20

The final Price is Right with Bob Barker – I hadn’t watched the show in years and I mostly watched it as a kid. It was fun seeing this. The excitement of everyone on the show was awesome and a number of cars were won. The value of the final showcase was about $90,000! Pirates […]


My computer works again!

Thursday night I was playing chess with Peter when I heard a clunk-clunk from the hard drive. Then my computer was frozen. I copied down the state of the chess board and tried rebooting which the computer informed me was impossible becasuee it was an unmountable drive. I tried booting into the Window recovery console, […]

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