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Tuesday Media Roundup #20

The final Price is Right with Bob Barker – I hadn’t watched the show in years and I mostly watched it as a kid. It was fun seeing this. The excitement of everyone on the show was awesome and a number of cars were won. The value of the final showcase was about $90,000!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – I thought this was a good ending to the series, while touching on corporate influence on government and focusing on how corporations try to stomp on the rights of individuals. The final battle is also something I hadn’t seen before.

Night at the Museum – I thought this was going to be fairly light, but it ended up being solid fun all the way through. Dick van Dyke is over 80 and he can still dance!

Knocked Up – This movie had a lot more depth than I was expecting, and it was a lot longer than I was expecting from a comedy. It’s at its best when it’s playing for pure comedy or for the serious moments, when it can’t decide which one to choose it seems to be at its weakest.

Idiocracy – Have you ever feared for the future of society when you look at all the dumb-asses out there? This movie shows you a potential path things might take. I have to recommend this to everyone. It’s funny too, which sometimes makes you wonder if you’re one of the dumb-asses.

Transformers – Who doesn’t like giant robots?!

Anastasia – We watched this again just to make sure everything was hooked up again in the tv-room. It’s still has good songs, is well animated, has good voice talent, and is a good story.

Rocky Balboa – The finale to the Rocky series and it’s right up there with the first one. It gives a good feeling of his loneliness in his search and has been popping into my head in the days since I’ve watched it. If you liked the Rocky movies, or even just the first one, see this.

The Painted Veil – A relationship in the midst of a cholera epidemic. It starts in a broken place and the changes are smooth and subtle. It doesn’t seem like things have changed until you think back to where they were and that makes this one worth watching.

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