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An upgrade and a cake attempt

Having successfully upgraded the CPU on my computer it was time to move on to phase two of the upgrade. So I put in the Kingston SSD Boot Drive and popped in the Windows 7 upgrade install. Since I was upgrading from XP I knew I would have to do a complete install and I have to say that was the easiest and fastest Windows install I’ve ever done. Beginning to end was done in 20 minutes and that includes it waiting for me to come back into the room to enter the machine and user name. I even managed to install almost all of my applications.

I’ve been running XP in the classic (old) UI so I wasn’t sure how well I’d get along with the latest Windows UI but it all seems to have a nice logical flow so far. I’m fairly impressed with the whole experience. Now if only Windows had the equivalent of Spaces on MacOSX.

On the cake front I tried to make Cranberry Obsession Snow Cake. It’s a cake I wanted to try making last year but the blood clot got in my way, and then cranberries weren’t in the store. So finally I’ve done it and it isn’t as ugly as most of my cakes are. I think it’s ugly on the inside, or certainly not as pretty as the picture. How is it? I don’t know yet. It felt like a serious effort to make so it will have to really blow me away to make me want to make it again. It’s almost time to take it out of the fridge so the co-workers can try it out though.

4 Responses to “An upgrade and a cake attempt”

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    Liana Says:

    What did you do with all the egg yolks left over? Freeze them? I generally avoid recipes which leave me with odd yolks or whites. This cake looks interesting, but I can’t help thinking all my cranberries would end up cascading out of the middle when I try to cut it. Interested to hear how it tastes.

  2. 2
    Douglas Says:

    I’ve read that you can freeze egg yolks if you combine them with something (sugar?) first. Hopefully they will be turned into a custard-like thing today if they last that long. I don’t tend to like recipes that leave so much left over, but I also like trying out interesting recipes. I think the cranberry stuff in the middle is thick enough to not spill out too much but I’ll let you know when I try it 🙂

    It only used about half the cranberry stuff it had me make so I saved that in the original cranberry preserves jar.

  3. 3
    Douglas Says:

    Well the cake is good. The flavors all work, but the cake is a little over cooked as I figured it would be. Cranberries definitely don’t fall out when you slice it.

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