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Upgrading a stuck iPod

My iPod Touch was stuck at version 2.0. Telling it to check for updates would tell me that 2.0 was the latest version and that I was there. Trying to “Restore” it to the initial settings and force the upgrade that way resulted in a message “There was a problem downloading the iPod software for the iPod.” I kind of already determined tghat since downloading the update manually resulted in 0.4K downloads.

Finally I found an answer way down  in a support forum:

  1. Turn iPod Touch OFF completely
  2. Plug iPod Touch into PC/MAC while still off
  3. Turn iPod Touch on if it wasn’t turned on my plugging it in and IMMEDIATELY do the followign steps
  4. Hold the ‘Home’ and ‘Sleep’ buttons down for at least 5 seconds. It will restart and the Apple logo will appear
  5. Release the ‘Sleep’ button, keeping the ‘Home’ button pressed
  6. The iPod Touch will switch to restore/recovery mode and you can follow the prompts on the computer to erase and restore the iPod Touch

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