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Creativity and me

I am not a creative person. A number of people insist to me that I am and will even cite turning my room into a cave as an example, but they fail to persuade me. A creative person is not someone who has the occasional neat idea. A creative person is someone who takes those […]


Evolving for comedy?

I’ve seen a number of studies and surveys that show women having a preference for a man who makes them laugh. I’ve also read about a study or two that showed that women tend to have a more advanced sense of humor than men. Advanced being more word based and less physical based. This leads […]


How not to do Black Friday

My previous experience with black friday is generally going to stores to watch people go crazy trying to buy stuff. This year I tried out the crazy. On Thanksgiving I saw some Fry’s ads for amazing deals that would be happening on Friday so I considered going early, around 6AM. I was talking to Terry […]


World Chill

I like the new take on the old Coca Cola jingle, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke,” which now starts “I’d like to teach the world to chill” performed by G. Love. It’s an ad for Coca-Cola Zero rather than regular Coke but without the visual you’d never know that. In addition to […]


Great m&m’s idea!

m&m/Mars should make a cheap USB printer that will let you print your own design and colors on m&m’s. They could give you further discounts on stuff by turning in wrappers or something. The technology is there with current ink-jet printers and mass-produces electronics. I probably should have invented that instead of writing it here.


15-hour work day

It’s been awhile since I did that. I made some good fixes and helped others fix or diagnose problems. I had to call the allergy clinic and ask them to put my shots in the refrigerator for tomorrow morning and they did which is good so I don’t get charged for wasted shots. I also […]


Thoughts on Lost

Now that I’ve finally seen the season finale of Lost I have some thoughts coming to me. Spoilers here… I think Sawyer will end up dead. Nicole pointed out to me that the craxy French lady said she heard they were coming for the boy, we didn’t think the boy was Walt though. Is this […]


Candy bubble for the dogs

We were in Marini’s and I saw a bottle of candy bubbles, red (“cherry”) flavored. I had to try them, being a fan of the spray candy. Spray candy is liquid candy in a spray pump. The beauty is that you feel like you just had candy and it’s such a small ammount that it’s […]


Are there any techno big bands?

I’m talking about 5, 10, 15, 20 DJs on a stage each with their own set up spinning simultaneously. I’m thinking they could each have their own focus like drums or melodic or backing. Maybe have 2 DJs for each “part” so they can trade and line stuff up. Would you need a director to […]


What’s wrong with people today?

Every once in awhile I hear this from Nicole and others. Sometimes it’s “people” sometimes it’s “kids.” It always makes me laugh inside because for a moment the person saying it sounds like a stereotypical old person from some show. In the past I’ve thought that the people today aren’t much different from the people […]

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