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15-hour work day

It’s been awhile since I did that. I made some good fixes and helped others fix or diagnose problems. I had to call the allergy clinic and ask them to put my shots in the refrigerator for tomorrow morning and they did which is good so I don’t get charged for wasted shots.

I also took a walk to the library to look at their videos. They had an extensive collection of non-fiction VHS tapes, including a number on local history like a ten tape set on the oral history of Davenport and another 10 tapes from the discussion about rebuilding Santa Cruz after the earthquake or 1989 (still two holes in the ground (am I rambling too much here?)). Anyway, their total number of DVDs is maybe 50 tops. They didn’t have any current VHS movies either which makes me think it’s 100% donation. Maybe I should start giving them movies I don’t care for. Or since I just bought this 20 kung-fu movie collection for $15 (on 6 discs) and if I don’t really want to own them after that (but $0.75/movie is worth buying initially) I’ll hand them over and then 1/3 of their movies will be kung-fu movies.

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