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Not quite what the bosses wanted…

My company, in celebration of their 10th anniversary, decided to make a trading card contest where you would have to socialize with people around you to get certain sub-sets which in-turn qualify for you to maybe win some prizes based on which sub-sets you collect. The sets are corporate logos (5 cards), the 10-year employees (8 cards), a set of 5 random people (I haven’t read these but they are things like student and grandmother), technology buzzwords (5 cards), branding (5 cards), and the set that let me here, corporate virtues (11 cards) with things like Integrity, Passion, Drive, etc.

You’re probably wondering buy this point how this is funny at all. Well, it’s trading cards, so there has been a lot of time with people saying things like:
“Do you have any Purpose?”
“No, but I have lots of Passion.”

Or “Do you have any Integrity?”
“Yes, if you can give me Respect.”

Or, “I have Drive now, but I’ve lost my Goals.”

I’ve had a great deal of entertainment with this and I felt I had to share. Thanks for listening.

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