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Beds are expensive!

We just bought a new king-sized bed. We picked out the new bed frame and the nice foam (not body molding so you can still roll over) mattress and to get over thinking about how much it was I started thinking of how long the mattress is supposed to last and how much bedding like pillows and sheets we’d ahve to buy of the years and figured that it works out to like 40 cents a day per person to have a good night’s sleep for the life of the bed. It doesn’t seem so bad that way.

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    linka Says:

    what do you mean you can still roll over? I thought with the molding beds you can do that and it shapes ot you. I still have to go buy my bed. How much did yours cost? Did you get the whole frame as well? How does Burt like it?

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    Administrator Says:

    The tempurpedic mattresses let you sink in and mold to your body so you are laying in a pit and it’s hard to roll over. The posturepedics are a little better but have the same basic problem. The bed (frame & headboard) we got at Furniture Warehouse on 41st across from the (used to be) K-Mart. The mattress we got at Vans on 41st and that street that curves around behind the mall. Cost? Thousands. Burt likes it. Grover knows he can jump on it (it’s very high), Sage didn’t see Grover do it so she’s not sure yet, but we want to discourage that.

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    linka Says:

    hmm… well, now I”m undertain about what kind of bed I want! All I know is that I can only sleep on the floor for so much longer before the new carpet feel goes away. At least my floor is now sleepable. I should go bed shopping tomorrow.

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    Administrator Says:

    There is a wide range of beds and mattresses so go shopping. Furniture Warehouse has some mattresses too. And the mattress discounters have some on water, and other places too I’m sure.

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    Liana Says:

    We bought a King size natural latex mattress (to avoid the outgassing of chemicals used to make regular mattresses) locally for about $1700 with wood platform box (rather than boxspring) and wool pillowtop. I got a pencil post bedframe from Plow and Hearth for $500 (which was such a steal I bought it months before we actually got the mattress). The tip for saving money on bedsheets, etc: buy them on E-bay. Don’t worry about buying matching sets, just buy separates (i.e. flat sheet, pillowcases, etc.) which you can mix and match. You can get new individual sheets for just a few dollars if you are persistent.

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    Administrator Says:

    I just took a quick look on ebay and sure enough, tons of sheets, probably literally! Even the full sheet sets are way cheap!

    I have no idea what pencil post bedframe means. The latex mattresses we tried were pretty good, but they just weren’t as comfortable to us.

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