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Time for some TTDs

Rip out the old dryer vent and run a new one to the outside
Patch the wall where the new dryer vent is
Put a restraint on the new drain pipe for the washing machine so it won’t try to push against the wall patch I need to put in.
Patch the wall where all the washing mahcine work was done.
Patch the hole in the ceiline in the tv room
Patch the hole in the ceiling in the office
Cut the hole larger in the living room so I can use large pieces of dry wall to patch the holes left by the old floor heater
Get large pieces of dry wall and a fresh bucket of dry wall compound
Laundry (I can even do that while wall stuff is being done
Install the new fan in Dar’s bathroom
Hang up the curtain rod in the office
Wash poof chair covers
Weed wack
Track down scooter electrical connection flakiness and fix it – At lunch I took off the electrical tape that hid the splicing job done at the show early on (it was their first tire thing and they didn’t know a better way yet). The splice was in great shape and no loose wires there. Now I think it’s the throttle handle.
Post stuff more interesting than to do lists
Put up Dar’s curtains

2 Responses to “Time for some TTDs”

  1. 1
    linka Says:

    uh, can the curtains be put back in my bedroom so I’m not flashing the neighbors anymore?

  2. 2
    Administrator Says:

    I’ll try to do that too

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