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New pens!

I really dislike the Bic-knockoff pens we have in our office. “Value Plus” Medium Pt. India, because Bic pens are too expensive? These pens go dry if you set them down for 10 minutes and you have to write a little for the ink to start flowing again. They also seem to be high friction and require a considerable writing force to move it across the writing surface. Are pens really the biggest expense around here? Instead, as my co-worker Paul pointed out, they paid for me to go across the street and shop for pens for 10 minutes at probably a much greater expense.

Anyway, I picked up two pens: the Sarasa 0.7 ball-point by Zebra, and the Energel 0.5 gel needle-tip by Pentel. The Sarasa has click-top action and writes smoothly and evenly and has a rubber grip. The Energel has a removable cap which reveals a rubber grip, and it also writes smoothly and evenly without feeling like you are engraving the paper which is good for a pen with a tip that small. Both rubber grips are not overly grippy which is good because on some of them you can grab it and then have a hard time adjusting to get settled in a comfortable grip.

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    Rakishan Says:

    I liked the ones from Tropian. Costco carried them for a while, but I think they stopped carrying them. I picked up a pack of 4 from Office Max for about $5.

    I started using a “Sanford Uniball Deluxe Micro”. (Arrange those adjetives in whatever order suits you.) It writes like a ball point pen, but flows smoother than a felt tip marker. It’s strange at first, but it’s growing on me. (I need to see a Dr. about it soon!)

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