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Dumb dogs

When we left to go to the store last night the dogs wanted to go. We didn’t want them to go so they stayed home, but they decided they would eat something to show their displeasure. When this happens they generally don’t greet us when we come home because they know they did something they shouldn’t have.

In this case they ate the lump of chicken fat and chicken neck from the chicken we just roasted (in a plastic bad in the kitchen sink ready to throw away). I think Grover ate this because he has the more sensitive nose and he could reach it more easily. Also eaten was a wooden spoon; the kind you cook with. It was on the counter because we just got some new ones and the old ones were set out to give/throw away. Not much was left with it and we think Sage ate it because she’ll eat pretty much anything (she once ate couch foam). Also she was acting more hungry than Grover.

We didn’t feed them last night so we could keep an eye on them but they both seem ok this morning even after feeding.

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    Liana Says:

    Sounds just like our two cats, Red and Blue. Red is notorious for eating anything and everything. He especially likes string and carpet fiber, plastic and rubber (he licks the laundry basket anytime he has access to it, and chewed the fingers off vinna’s first “baby doll”), shoelaces, and all “poisonous” plants. Blue likes to get up on the kitchen counters and eat bread, rice or any other stray morsels. This happens more often when we leave town for a vacation, as if to spite us. We tried giving them more food so they weren’t so hungry all the time, but that didn’t help.

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    Administrator Says:

    It’s totally a spite thing. I wonder if it’s wired in to all mammals and if not, where does it start? Is it rats? I don’t think reptiles do it, but some birds I think do. Do they learn it from us somehow?

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