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Scooter accident!

I was riding home to meet the window guy so he could measure all the windows. I crossed the Cayuga intersection and then a door was open in front of me. I think I tried to swerve some, but I hit it and went down. I think I hit my left side first and then bounced to my right side since both my hips are bruised and the left side has more damage, scraped ankle and leg and a scraped and bruised elbow.

The right side I have a hole in my jeans and a scrape on my palm and a blood blister on my thumb. Also a spot scrape/bruise in the back of my right calf.

I didn’t hit my head at all and luckily I was across the street from the fire department so the paramedics were on scene right away. They didn’t find any evidence of internal injury or my spine. They gave me some adhesive bandages and checked my blood pressure which was normal, but a little high for me.

The CHP showed up and wrote up the accident with her at fault and took photos of everything.

My scooter is pretty munched up: torn seat, most of the plastic cracked or broken off, missing a mirror, the storage pucket is no longer mounted, but the core is still good and ridable.

Thanks to the cigarette store guy whoe picked up a lot of the pieces and taped on the ones that wouldn’t stay in place. He also gave me some more adhesive bandages.

Oh yeah. One pair of singing magnets are gone now. I saw one of them but didn’t see the second one and then forgot to get the one I saw before I left.

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    linkaloo Says:

    wow… I’m sorry to hear that happened to you and happy to hear that you’re okay (or at least, still standing). At the same time, I’m kind of glad that the accident happened because there are so many stupid people out there who never take the time out to look before opening their doors or pulling out. It’s one of my peeves. So now, she’ll just be that much more careful (I hope) and so will her closest family and friends (for at least the next 2 days) while the memories are still fresh.

    Let me know if you need anything. I have some chicken soup. -dar

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    yvil Says:

    Okay, that’s really horrible. But I have to admit that I stifled a laugh when I read:

    They didn’t find any evidence of internal injury or my spine.

    Aiiigh, no spine! Is this a result of the accident or have you always been…spineless?

  3. 3
    Doug Says:

    Damn, you’re funny! You made me laugh out loud!

    I keep it carefully hidden.

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    Will Says:

    Im wondering where you bought your eco cruz and if you would recomend buying one? I live downtown santa cruz and comute to UCSC do you think it would make it up the hill with no problems and back down without being charged in between?
    Any info would help thank you. Please email me at

  5. 5
    Douglas Says:

    I bought the eco-cruz at the Volks Cafe on Soquel. It’s near the Wallgreens and directly across the street from Santa Cruz Kitchen and Bath.

    Would I recommend buying one? Absolutely. I love riding it and it’s very cheap to operate. In talking to Ricky, the scooter guy at the Volks Cafe, he said the current models go 30mph and can make it up there and back without recharging with no problem.

    If you are over 200lbs I would recommend a beefier tire. I got one and the scooter is a lot happier. Also, get a real helmet and gloves at Il Motorino.

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