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Injury update

So I went to the doctor on Thursday and he said internally everything was fine and to keep taking ibuprofen and icing my bruises. Then they bandaged every cut. I iced everything and rested and Friday morning my hips were feeling slightly better than the day before. My neck and shoulders were really tight though, showing their role in the landing. Saturday morning I was feeling pretty good, no muscle soreness, swelling down a lot on my hips, and it only hurt a little to go from sitting to standing and vice-versa. Today (Sunday), swelling is almost gone in my hips but they still have the lovely colors and I don’t have any pain, just minor discomfot when I stand or sit.

I’ve included hip pictures for those of you who don’t get ooked out.

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    linkaloo Says:

    dang… and you’re still smiling andwalking normal. Geez!

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