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Replaced my scooter’s front brake cable

When I was leaving work last week my brake cable broke and the motor wouldn’t run. I called Rick at the Folks Cafe (formerly Volks Cafe) and he explained that power gets cut to the motor when the brake lever is pressed so unless I was holding it up it wouldn’t run. Good to know that I only needed to replace the brake cable.

Anyway, it was a really easy procedure. Unscrewed where it attaches to the wheel, removed the inner cable and taped the top of the new one to the bottom of the old one. Then I was able to pull the old one out the top and bring the new one up with it without taking off the front panel.

After that I just had to insert the cylinder end on the top in to the lever and feed the cable through the handle. Then attach the new cable end on the bottom to the front wheel. The longest part was walking from the bike cage to the office for some tape and scissors.

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