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Intermittent electrical problem is no longer intermittent

For quite some time there has been a problem where over a bump the scooter will momentarily lose power. At first I thought I was imagining things but then I found it was real. Last week it cut out for a good 30 seconds on my way home and because it was a long time […]


Tire pressure check

It’s been a few weeks since I got the new tire and I decided I should check the pressure this morning. It was almost 50PSI!! It’s only rated for 36. I guess that shows it’s a well made tire considering I’ve been abusing it and hitting all manner of bumps. I lowered the pressure to […]


Scooter building

I had a dream that I built a new scooter that could go a bit faster (mostly for hills) and had a longer range. I know both are feasible, the obstacles are weight (the motor is heavy) and power (batteries are heavy too). I think I could probably double the battery capacity on my current […]


Something is loose

This morning I went to ride to work and the motor wouldn’t run. No reaction at all from the throttle control. However the lights still worked. I didn’t recall a fuse on any of the wires for the motor so it’s either the controller or a loose wire. I popped up the panel in front […]


New bigger tire!

So I put on the new bigger tire (3.5×10) with the extra carrying capacity and it was big enough that if I was sitting on the scooter while moving the battery case would hit the tire. That obviously wouldn’t last long so I loosened the back tire and pulled the wheel back about 1/2″ before […]


Another flat

So the EZ-Seal made the tire last twice, at four weeks, as any previous tire. The presious tires lasted two weeks and one week, respectively. I came back from OSH and after realizing I needed more hardware, hopeed back on the scooter to realize that the tire was low. I saw some EZ-Seal bubbling a […]


Scooter lights work!

For the past 2 weeks my scooter lights haven’t been working. That isn’t such a big deal during the day when you can do hand signals, but it’s dangerous at night. Yesterday I took it apart until I found out where the action goes on electrically. Under the front panel is a mess of wires […]



This morning as I was pulling in to the parking garage at work I hit 500km on my electric scooter! Also it’s been over 3 weeks with no flat tire!


Great ride home

I rode the whole way home without having to stop, except for at 7th Ave and Capitola Road. And only slight slowing at two other lights. I hit all the other lights and traffic was light. Pretty much full throttle all the way which means 25mph on the flats, 20mph up hills, and 30 mph […]


More on the tires

Ever since I got a new tube filled with EZ-Seal I not only haven’t had a flat tire, but I haven’t even lost any air. That’s over a week with no pressure loss at all! Before I had to add air every other day. I also drilled two 1/4″ holes and installed my license plate. […]

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