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The debates


Anderson Cooper kept things rolling for the most part and for the first half it was all very polite between the candidates. McCain and Romney were givent he most time to talk and Ron Paul was cut off several times after one sentence.  After awhile Huckabee reminded the moderator and questioners that the other end of the table would like some questions too and then he and Paul did get more chances to speak which is good because McCain was starting to antagonize Romney and that was getting old fast. I think my favorite part was Ron Paul (you prety much always have to put the whole name) questioning why McCain and Romney were quibbling over something said back in April 2007 when the real issue is that we’re there at all based on faulty evidence and cause. I still think if McCain wins the nomination that Huckabee will end up as his vice presidential running mate.


I was thinking/hoping that Edwards was goign to stay in the race at least through super Tuesday. He didn’t just end his campaign though, he suspended it. That means he retains control of all his delegates and if it’s close you’ll still see him come into play at the end. He might have enough to bring his issues to the table at the Democratic National Convention anyway.

The message of the debate was that no matter which one you choose it’ll be better than the republicans. They also both mentioned that they only differ in a few ways and agree in most things on policy. They both presented themselves well with their similarities and differences, and stopped Wolf Blitzer when he tried to stir up trouble. I still feel positive about Obama but now I also feel more positive about Clinton, and I’m thinking that I don’t want to see Wolf Blitzer moderate any more debates.

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