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Tuesday Media Roundup #27

Romantic Comedy – It’s not often funny but it can be amusing and it felt more like the kind of characters and story I would see in a 30s movie, but done in the 80s. With the right director I think this could have been really good.

Rambo – Unlike some of the Rambo movies, this one isn’t a glorification of war. It’s a lot more gritty, like opening of Saving Private Ryan style, but more so. Yeah rediculous things happen, but the wounds and deaths from the feel more real. I think it’s a good end to the series.

Jumper – This one is a good idea fairly well thought out with good action scenes, exactly what I expect from Doug Liman. It’s almost more like the pilot of a tv-show though. The conversion to a show should be relatively easy and I expect it within a few years.

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