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The continuing adventures of ugly leg

In the good news, I’ve have the time between my allergy shots extended to 4 weeks. I’ve felt ready for it for a couple of months. Now I’m pretty much on the home stretch of allergy shots. Also the doctor reviewed my previous blood test and found that I don’t have to have any more blood tests done to determine whether I’m genetically predisposed to clotting. Those were all done initially and I am definitely not a born clotter.

In clot news, I saw my doctor this morning to decide what’s next for the ugly leg.  Considering my leg is pretty much the same as it was after 3 months the clot is still there and she says it’s likely to remain there. So the choice is whether to continue on the Warfarin and start developing a risk for major internal organ bleeding over time, or to stop taking it and see if the clot gets worse again. I decided it to put off that decision in favor of talking to a vascular surgeon to see what they think can be done.

Hopefully a surgeon will consider this something that can be dealt with and the clot can be removed. Since I’m not a clotter by nature I won’t have to worry about recurrence so much. I know what to look for now.

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