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Grover is still all clear

Grover had his latest cancer check-up this morning and was again pronounced all clear. In addition to the poking and prodding he had a chest x-rays and blood drawn. We’ll find out the blood results tomorrow. Our only cause for concern is he recently started having partial seizures on the left side of his face when he’s relaxing or sleeping. They seem to clusted a few in a 24-hour period and then they’re gone for another week or so. It wasn’t the kind of tumor that spreads and if it did it’s very likely to have shown up in the lungs, but the x-rays showed clear on that. No ear infections to cause facial twitches, normal nerve response in the face. Bloodwork will show any abnormalities there. He might just have epilepsy… resting/sleeping seizures tend to indicate that and so would his age to the manifestation time. We just have to wait for more information and see how things progress.

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