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Top Chef (season 2 spoilers)

Having finally seen the season finale of Top Chef, I’m disappointed. I really wanted Marcel to win since I think he pushes himself and creates the more interesting dishes. Unfortunately he’s not as good at kitchen management which is part of being a chef and that was his downfall. Of course it doesn’t help when you’ve alienated everyone else in the competition.

This past week I had my own cheffy feeling. I needed to do something with the chicken I was going to put with the Vietnamese garlic & ginger fried rice. I started smelling the spices, which is something that I couldn’t really do before allergy treatments, and picked corriander. That wasn’t enough so I kept going and decided on garam masala. I seasoned the chicken pieces with both spices and cooked them in a pan with some piccante olive oil which gave it a spicy after-taste. Yum!

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