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Blog software upgrade

Friday when it was late and I was tired I attempted to upgrade the blog software I use to WordPress 2.1. It was broken until I had a good night’s sleep and was able to tackle it again Saturday morning. The result is not really much difference for the outside user except that it should load a little faster now and there is a nicer text editor for comments (I think I have that enabled). Also, the links aren’t sorted as they used to be or limited in their quantity. I’m working on fixing that.

Also, with this theme if you click options you can set the colors you want to view with, unless you are
using the Opera browser like me in which case clicking Options is more of a way to pass time without any
results except for some light finger exercise.

Related to that, should I allow readers to select the theme they want to view with? There are plugins that
allow that and it might be fun. That way if I choose a theme that you think is ugly you can keep going with
one you like.

2 Responses to “Blog software upgrade”

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    Liana Says:

    I *was* hoping it would load faster, but for me it takes a really long time, just like it used to. I have no idea why, but this is the only website that takes over 30 seconds to load. Everything else loads in approx 5 seconds. You’re lucky I have the patience to keep coming back here. Ha ha.

  2. 2
    Douglas Says:

    30 seconds? really?! Sometimes it will take me 10 seconds if it’s a page it hasn’t loaded in awhile. Then there’s loading the page again isn’t any more than 5 for me from home and 7-8 at work. I saw a new accelerator out there that I should try too. And I am lucky, you’re probably 50% of the people who read this 🙂

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