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Montana quarter

I just got one of these in change and realized that it’s the first quarter to feature death. It makes it kind of unsettling.

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    Onos Says:

    If he is a God fearing cairstihn, he will NOT give you this mandate. The bible clearly warns against premarital sex. There is a danger marrying such type of backward Nigerian men who seem to marry you just for your womb. So what happens if you get pregnant and God forbid you loose the pregnancy after marraige and cannot conceive again, then what? When we human beings try to do over sabi, God has a way of dealing with us accordingly you best believe.As a happily married woman, I can tell you this. It is not how early you marry but rather marrying the right person. Many Nigerian women pick a loser for a husband because they don’t want to be unmarried by the time they hit 30. At the end of the day, they are miserable and wished they had waited just a little longer for God’s intended Mr right. Marraige is sweet IF you marry a good guy. If you marry a guy who only sees women as a walking incubator, then you are in trouble. He will leave you for someone else if matters beyond your control as a woman crops up. Goodluck with whatever you decide to do.

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