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Done voting

We got the new color in the arrow ballots, and while they are more clear in what you are selecting, they are HUGE. They don’t even fit in the rickety voting booths. You have to juggle an over-sized envelope/folder, your voter’s guide, and maneuver this thing so you can color on the small part of the booth that is flat. At least it was busy there but that could be because the size of the ballot and number of things to vote on slowing everyone down.

I think the most disturbing part of this election though was a statement I found by one of the candidates after wondering why so many candidates had no statement or just a one-liner… “Candidate statements, once free, now cost $20 per word. Fight pay-to-play government–Vote Green. My statement:“. $20 a word?! That means that assuming pay-to-play and the URL are counted as one word, that statement right there cost $340. That blows the one chance some of the lesser funded candidates might have to get some votes.

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