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Sudafed brings strange dreams

But I still can’t remember much of them. About all I can remember from last night’s was that it took place about 20 years in the future and where Lulu Carpenter’s and the place next to are on Pacific was instead a public access restroom but it was open to the public. There was no front wall, just a dividing wall between the male and female sides, no stalls, everything out in the open for anyone walking by to see.

Apparently this was an effective way to keep people from doing drugs in the restrooms or camping out there. They were mostly safe but you got seriously looked down upon for using them. These were the toilets for people who couldn’t afford decent toilets.

I remember the looks people gave me as they walked by. How could I use these facilities. I recall that it was the only place to get safe potable water open to the public.

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