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Tuesday Media Roundup #35

Mythbusters Moonlanding Myths – It’s been quite awhile since I thought they were testing real myths but in this case they come though in the testing of what consipracy theorists consider the biggest evidence that the moon landings were faked.

Tropic Thunder – The funniest movie I’ve seen in awhile and the best Ben Stiller movie since Zoolander. Everything just plays right in this and Robert Downey Jr. has a role that I think only he could pull off.

The Bunny House – The trailer was funny and the movie held up to what the trailer showed. Shortly after I started thinking that the message in the movie was pretty bad it reversed direction which caused more relief than I anticipated.

Smart People – Like watching geeks flail in their personal relationships but tired of it being the same geeks? Then this movie is for you. There are familiar elements to it and it’s much better than I made it sound in the first sentence.

The Scorpion King – I decided to try out with this movie because there was no way I was going to pay for it. It’s actually a fairly fun action adventure flick even if I can’t figure out how it relates in any way to the second Mummy movie. Maybe the straight to video sequel that just came out will clear that up. Seeing as how that doesn’t have the benefit of The Rock being in it I’ll probably skip it though.

THX 1138 – Finally! It’s true, I haven’t seen it until now. The start is fairly disorienting, like it’s tuning your brain into the story. There are a number of great elements in it that I’d like to see explored in other movies like the endless prison room or the micro-accounting during the chase. I don’t think that has been done since then in any form. Also the car chase in it stands up to any car chase scene today. Thumbs up!

Bright Lights, Big City – Michael J Fox as a coke-head? Hey, it works! This movie, dealing with loss, works as well today as I imagine it did in the 80s.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay – This is a pretty disappointing sequel. Maybe it had too mcuh to live up to? There were parts that were great but there were even more parts where I was left wondering where the fun went.

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