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Pink Rice Krispee Treats

I won a few glass x-mas trees full of pink star and green tree marshmallows at the company holiday party. Yesterday I made rice krispee treats out of them so I wouldn’t just throw them all away. I thought the green ones would scare too many people so I chose the pink stars. I figured if I mixed both then I would probably end up with some kind of gray goo.

Being that this was my first time making the krispee treats I got the recipe from the rice krispee website. I melted the butter and dumped in the marshmallows to do their thing and after a few minutes they weren’t doing much. So I started stiring with a spatula and scraping the bottom because some of the marshmallows had caramelized. After a few more minutes I got it into a soupy pink mix that looked like something more akin to a horror movie special effect. I removed it from the heat and dumped in the 6 cups of rice puffs and quickly discovered that I should have used a bigger pot. The first few stirs dumped cereal on the counter but I was careful with the rest and managed to mix it up and get everything coated. Nothing mentioned how stiff it was going to get and  getting it into the pan was a challenge, but I did it.

So then it went to work. Nicole didn’t want it around the house and I am not a fan of marshmallow so I wasn’t going to eat it. At work it sat for the first half of the day. The glance it got from people told them it was a dish of beans or something like that and they weren’t going to touch it. It wasn’t until someone cut out the first square that people realized it for what it was. Maybe I should have gone for green. Anyway, once people realized that they were a yummy treat they enjoyed them.

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