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I was being good and productive this weekend. I returned some lights to Costco, I exchanged a light cover at Riverside Lighting, I put Frontline on the dogs, I got my Allegra prescription refilled, I did the recycling, and picked up everything the dogs had left in the last few days in the back yard (but not all the plusses from when they ate a box of tile separators).

Then I decided that today would be the day to finally run the bathroom vent for Dar’s bathroom. I had all the parts I had all the tools. I was going to run it to the side under the eaves like the contractor had done for our bathroom on the other side of the house. I went into the attic crawl space and made my way to the spot on the door (luckily the previous owners had put an old door up there to work on). I brushed the insulation out of the way and found a beam blocking my way to the outside edge, enough so I wouldn’t be able to get the duct in there without. Then I realized that the contractor had the luxury of having no ceiling in place, so now I have to find another way.

Oh yeah. I also got the taxes done and cleaned out the rain gutters.

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