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Bathroom sink is better

I replaced the angle-stops, but then I turned the water back on the hot water valve was still leaking slightly. So I turned off the water again and tightened it another turn and now it’s fine. Buying one of each size it might be worked so now I have to return the others to OSH, but it’s better than making multiple trips.

Then I replaced the flexible part of the drain which is ridged. I was told by the inspector when I moved in that stuff collects in the ridges and it isn’t good for health. Since I was there I decided it was time to replace that too and I learned that the inspector was right, that section was nasty and the other parts were pretty clean. I cut the pipe to size using drywall saw because I couldn’t find the hack saw. I got it all assembled and still felt a drip, the connection between the pipe and sink was leaking. I undid that pipe to find that it was part of the drain itself, so I put it back. I tightened it as much as I could which was far tighter than it was before and now there isn’t any leak that I can tell.

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