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Bathroom tile is completed

The bathroom tile is now done and next up is the grout.

On Tuesday we get the counter tops installed in the kitchen.

This weekend plasterers come to finish the wall in the laundry room, the patch in the tv room, the wall in the office. Most importantly, they are going to complete the wall going to waht used to be the closet and re-texture our whole bedroom, so tonight we get to move our bed into the living room and sleep there this weekend.

Also this weekend, replacing the leaky bathroom faucet valves and drain pipe in Dar’s bathroom, hopefully installing the proper vent for the water heater, and installing the vent tube for the bathroom fan in Dar’s bathroom.

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    linkaloo Says:

    I’ll be there Saturday night, but I’ll be doing graveyard on Sunday so I shouldn’t be there to disrupt much.

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