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Updates on the two houses

In preparation for Nicole’s brother and his wife visit two weekends ago, we put a new faucet in the other bathroom, put in a new towel rack, and fixed the bathroom vanity door (that I broke when it broke my fall). Unfortunately they didn’t end up coming but those are in place for others, like when Tami comes to visit next week. Also, sometime this week a service will be coming out to pull all the weeds (mostly grasses) since they exploded after the rain.

At Nicole’s mom’s house we went to Sacramento to paint more this past weekend. We got two coats of paint on two of the bedrooms, got the bathroom cleaned up, got two coats of paint on the living room, finished painting the dining room, and we got a single coat on the kitchen. Preping the kitchen was pretty time consuming with all the lines and the mess to clean up under the microwave and refrigerator, and the countertop needing to be re-caulked. Dean & Marcia cleaned up the kitchen and the garage and got one of the bedroom lights working and are workign on fixing the garage door opener.

Next Sunday we go up for finishing touches and another coat of paint on the kitchen.

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