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Sonic and the Secret Rings

I rented Sonic and the Secret Rings and it is definitely the nicest looking Wii game I’ve played so far. I like how the story is told with lightly animated storyboards. The voice acting doesn’t make me cringe in pain like with older 3D Sonic games.

This was supposed to be the 3D Sonic that most captures what Sonic is like in the 2D games and for the most part that’s true. When you have control you steer left and right and aside from that Sonic runs as fast as he can. Upgrades come later that let you go faster and have better handling. The controls fall apart in the jumping I think. The jump happens on the jump button release instead of on the button press so it lags behind when you wanted to jump. The developers chose this so you could charge your jump for a higher jump by holding the button down, but the higher jump is accomplished in other games by holding the jump button while in the air which I think works better.

Overall it’s pretty good, but I’d probably only get it after it gets discounted to $20 or less.

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