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Mortal Chocolate results – Round 2

Thanks to those who brought chocolate and voted. I’m glad to have help in this critical research!

Voted most deadly of the chocolate dishes last night was Black bottom chocolate pie prepared by Shelley. Second was the chocolate mousse brought by Ian.

My arms feel their arm workout from mixing the extremely thick cookie dough. That’s the thickest cookie dough I’ve every worked with.

I ran into a hitch making the Chantico death cake, it turns out Starbucks hasn’t sold Chantico in over a year. Nicole told me that she thought they made it with half-and-half so we got some of that and then I looked it up and found a few recipes for similar chocolate drinks. They used whole milk or evaporated wilk with heavy cream. I decided to go for the half-and half since it’s what I had on short notice and it came out a little thicker than would be drinkable, but not quite as thick as pudding. I decided to go for it anyway. I don’t think it really enhanced the cake portion but the “Chantico” frosting was really potent. I can imagine that with the real thing it would have been impressive but unfortunately this can’t really be duplicated anymore.

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